The ICNWG uses perfSONAR for network test and measurement for several reasons including:

  • perfSONAR has multiple diagnostic tools for network performance
  • Use of perfSONAR on dedicated machines removes burden from data servers
  • perfSONAR has built-in tools for test automation and test result aggregation

There is documentation on the perfSONAR site regarding hardware for installation, as well as installation in a VM environment:

ESnet has a large perfSONAR installation (two perfSONAR hosts, one to measure throughput and one to measure delay and loss) at each ESnet hub site.

perfSONAR hosts available for ICNWG testing include:

ESnet throughput perfSONAR hosts (New York, NY - 10G): (Denver, CO - 10G): (Livermore, CA - 10G): (Seattle, WA - 10G): (Washington, DC - 10G):

ESnet delay/loss perfSONAR hosts (New York, NY): (Denver, CO): (Livermore, CA): (Seattle, WA): (Washington, DC):

perfSONAR hosts are also deployed at other organizations around the world. Many of these boxes are registered in the perfSONAR Look-up Service.

For the ICNWG, some additional perfSONAR hosts which may be useful for testing include:

Australia (via AARNet and ANU/NCI) (Acton, AU): (New South Wales, AU): (Canberra, AU):

United Kingdom (via GEANT and CEDA) (London, UK): (IPv6 2001:798:fc00:28::6) (Reading, UK):

Germany (via GEANT, DFN and DKRZ) (Frankfurt, DE - 10G): (IPv6 2001:798:fc00:14::6) (Hamburg, DE - 10G): (**Host is behind a firewall. To run, tests contact vogt at

Netherlands (via SURFnet and GEANT) (Amsterdam, NL): (Amsterdam, NL): (IPv6 2001:798:fc00:22::6)

United States (in addition to the ESnet perfSONAR hosts) (Livermore, CA - 10G): (Washington D.C., US): (New York):
      BWCTL: (Chicago, US): (New York): (Seattle, US):
      OWAMP: (Chicago, US): (New York): (Seattle, US):