Milestones and Timeline

Below is the original timeline for achieving the ICNWG's goals for each site at AIMS, CEDA, DKRZ, NCI, and KNMI. Red notes the revised timeframe for achieving the working group’s the goals.

March 2014 - September 2014
• Deploy 10G perfSONAR test server
• Deploy 10G data server
• Set up perfSONAR tests

May 2014 July - December 2014
• Filesystem tests for 10G data servers – target 500MB/sec
• Achieve 500MB/sec (4Gbps) network test throughput between perfSONAR test servers

August 2014 January - February 2015
• 500MB/sec (4Gbps) disk to disk transfers between data servers

September 2014
• Extra time for resolving issues

November 2014 February - March 2015
• Deploy second 10G data server
• Configure second 10G data server for striped Globus/GridFTP transfers with first 10G data server

March 2015
• Test striped Globus/GridFTP transfers with one other center

June 2015
• Test striped Globus/GridFTP transfers with all centers

August 2015
• Demonstrate 1GB/sec (8Gbps) transfers between all centers

Remainder of 2015
• Extra time for schedule slip
• Prep for 2016 stretch goals

June 2016
• Demonstrate 2GB/sec between all centers that are capable (stretch goal)